Marjorie Withers Hope and Dream Fund

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In Honor of Marjorie Withers

Marjorie Withers is a very special person, and she has built a unique relationship over the last thirty years with the people of Washington County. There is no way to document how generous she has been with her time and resources. There is no time to tell all the stories of individuals to whom she has given comfort and in whom she has inspired hope. She puts people at ease. She listens with sensitivity and concern. She loves to laugh. She gives good hugs.

Over the decades, Marjorie has done much more than provide help and comfort to individual people, although she has done plenty of that. With unprecedented success, she has built collaborations and developed programs and found funding to change the systems that hold people in poverty and desperate need. Marjorie is a visionary. She is clever as well as compassionate, savvy as well as intuitive, stubborn as well as tender-hearted.

Her particular genius is devising programs that will create meaningful change for the people of Washington County. Those programs have influenced the lives of everyone from the unborn to the elderly.

As a way to honor Marjorie and her life's work, we have established a common fund that will be used to support the success of children and families in Washington County through two initiatives of the Community Caring Collaborative: The Hope Fund and The Dream Fund.

The Hope Fund was established in 2012, and supports Washington County families working with CCC partners as they overcome barriers to family success. The Hope Fund provides for one-time financial expenses that threaten a family. It is designed to be one part of an overall plan of services or supports for families. Applications are considered in areas relating to housing, transportation, medical, mental health, dental, employment, and education. The Hope Fund has changed outcomes for over 300 families since its inception. It simultaneously strengthens the safety net for families and expands the resources available to providers.

The Dream Fund is a new initiative of the CCC that will allow children and young adults to pursue their interest in something that gives them joy and may be beyond the financial capacity of their family. The goal is to kindle hope and encourage experiences that build self-esteem and mastery. That may mean buying a guitar and paying for lessons, enrolling a child in a camp where he or she can ride horses, or paying for the equipment and fees so a child can play on an athletic team. The Dream Fund allows young people to master the skills about which they feel passionate.

Both of these Funds will be accessed through CCC partner organizations with applications reviewed by a small cross-agency committee. Your donation can be made in support of either the Hope or Dream Fund, or can be split between the two.

An anonymous donor has offered to match the first $15,000 donated to the Hope and Dream Funds. There is no better way to honor Marjorie's devotion to the people of Washington County than to support the continuation of her efforts. She provided many people with hope and dreams. Please give generously to honor her vision and carry her work forward.

Thank you!

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