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"Little by little, a little becomes a lot." – Tanzanian Proverb

No single program or tool can lift a family out of poverty, but a network of pooled resources can become a pathway to family stability and long-term well-being.

For the price of one set of tires, a parent can keep their job and continue to provide for their family. One security deposit can keep an entire family housed. By building a family's assets, even in seemingly small ways, the CCC is able to support that family's progress and also the good work of all the agencies who are also investing in that family.

While the CCC engages in very little fundraising from individuals, we accept donations that we put to work building assets for families as they achieve their goals and realize dreams for themselves and their children.

Your donation will directly support local families through these three CCC programs:

The Hope Fund provides for one-time financial expenses that threaten the well-being of a family in Washington County. It is designed to be one part of an overall plan of services or supports. Awards are made for housing, transportation, medical, mental health, dental, employment, and education. In its six years of operation, the Hope Fund has helped 297 families stay on track with awards of $2,000 or less. The majority of awards were less than $1,000. Do these little bits add up to a lot? They sure do! Six years of operation has led to almost a half million dollars distributed directly to families who are moving forward in Washington County.

The Dream Fund allows children and young adults to pursue something that gives them joy and is beyond the financial capacity of their family. The program, created when Marjorie Withers retired, kindles hope. Funds have helped buy a guitar and music lessons, enroll a child in a horse camp, or pay for a traditional drum for a Passamaquoddy child. The Dream Fund allows young people to master skills and build relationships with their peers and caring adults. Not only that, but what parent wouldn't feel better knowing that their child can participate in summer camp with their peers? Well-being is a family experience, and joy is a family asset.

Flex Funds are immediately-available resources for families during emergencies or other small, important expenses. Integral to the success of CCC model programs like Bridging and Family Futures Downeast, Flex Funds may be used for childcare during a medical appointment, meal vouchers for parents whose infant is in the hospital, specialized equipment for children with mobility challenges, or simply helping a family buy diapers.

The CCC will direct your support wherever it is most needed. Your gift will be processed by our fiscal sponsor, Sunrise Opportunities, and is fully tax-deductible.

Thank you!

The CCC team